ACT Now North Lanarkshire

Supporting action to tackle the climate emergency through inclusive and green recovery

What is ACT Now?

In 2019 the Scottish Government declared a climate emergency and passed the Climate Change Bill that commits us to achieving the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2045. Shortly after this, North Lanarkshire Council set a target to achieve net zero 15 years earlier by 2030. As part of the response to this ambitious target the North Lanarkshire Partnership established the new Action Together on Climate initiative (ACT Now). 

ACT Now will support action to tackle the climate emergency in North Lanarkshire with a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.  This will be achieved by supporting an “inclusive and green recovery” from COVID-19 which is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and which improves people’s quality of life, wellbeing and equality.   

Act Now


ACT Now's objectives are:

  • Improve understanding of the climate emergency and what must be done to achieve net-zero amongst North Lanarkshire’s citizens and workforce in all sectors. 
  • Support North Lanarkshire’s community and voluntary sector and business sector to become “green champions” committed to transitioning to net-zero whilst supporting inclusive and green recovery from COVID 19.
  • Review and share progress regarding North Lanarkshire Partnership’s statutory partners’ delivery of their inclusive, green recovery and net-zero commitments. 
  • Provide collective leadership and accountability on climate and net-zero action in North Lanarkshire through North Lanarkshire Partnership. 


ACT Now embraces four key principles in its approach: 

  • A holistic and integrated approach spanning environmental, social and economic issues. 
  • Local leadership to change our social and economic activities so low-carbon is either the only or easiest option. 
  • Enabling a just transition which supports economic and social inclusion whilst supporting environmental sustainability. 
  • Involves all sectors of society with a strong focus on people and places. 
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The latest briefing on ACT Now North Lanarkshire.

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North Lanarkshire Youth Climate Ambassadors

With support from New College Lanarkshire, the North Lanarkshire Youth Climate Ambassadors developed a short introductory film on the ACT Now Plan!

The film was nominated for Education Scotland’s 2021 Learning for Sustainability awards in the Community Learning and Development category and received the Highly Commended award!